One for the Money
by Janet Evanovich
Book Review by Amy Coffin
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Out of work, out of cash and out of appliances to pawn, Stephanie Plum seeks a job from her cousin. She jumps at the chance to make quick cash as a bounty hunter. Her first case stands to net her $10,000. The jumper just happens to be Jimmy Morelli, ex flame and former cop turned fugitive. He's accused of shooting an unarmed man in an apartment. The tenant has vanished and a second mystery witness is nowhere to be seen.

Stephanie learns that being a bounty hunter isn't as easy as it seems. Witnesses to the shooting keep dying and acquaintances are less than cooperative. On top of it all, Stephanie's meddling mother is fishing to catch a husband for her daughter.

One for the Money follows Stephanie during her first case in her new career. She meets plenty of unsavory cases, and her experience just might get her killed.

Evanovich presents her heroine as an ordinary Jersey gal. Stephanie Plum is bright and funny, though she doesn't always think before she acts. Readers will appreciate her honesty and spontaneity.

There is plenty of suspense in One for the Money. Plum is tormented by a sadistic boxer whose actions keep the pages turning. Jimmy Morelli and the rest of the cast are well defined and equally entertaining. The author's tough and tender portrayals of New Jersey provide a great setting for the novel.

One for the Money is the first installment in the Stephanie Plum series. Jersey's newest bounty hunter is spunky and highly entertaining. Evanovich has set the stage for many exciting novels to come.
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