Nothing to Fall Back On
by Betsy Carter
Book Review by Amy Coffin
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I must admit, I have lived in my suburban safety bubble so long that the name Betsy Carter doesn't ring a bell. I learned from her book's jacket that she was the founding editor of New York Woman. I'm not familiar with that publication either. For once, my ignorance turned out to be a blessing in disguise. I was able to discover for myself what everyone else already knew about the unsinkable Betsy Carter.

Nothing to Fall Back On chronicles the roller coaster life of a fixture in the magazine industry. Carter went from a small interest magazine to national publications. A successful marriage and a fantastic social life complimented the perfect package.

Carter's ideal life fell apart overnight. A series of life-altering events hit her like a set of waves. She bounced back from one upset only to be knocked down by another. The author discusses her life with the humor and optimism few people can attain.

Nothing to Fall Back On moves back and forth from Carter's German Jewish upbringing to her most recent triumphant journey. The author's casual tone and down-to-earth observations make this an enjoyable memoir for all types of readers.

Other reviews list the various tragedies faced by the author. I choose to remain intentionally vague on the subject. Readers who don't already know Carter's story will appreciate the opportunity to discover it for themselves.

The finest characteristic of Nothing to Fall Back On is the refreshing angle in which Carter tells her story. With this level of misfortune, Carter could easily wallow in her experience and rise from the ashes giving her story a courageous Hollywood-style slant. The author instead chooses to confront the bad hands she's been dealt. She manages it all with humor and grace as her writing reflects.

Nothing to Fall Back On is for those who love a good comeback story. The New York setting is glamorous, but the tale is one for women on all levels. Carter's book is short, sweet, honest, inspiring and definitely worth your time.