Get Clark Smart
by Clark Howard
with Mark Meltzer
Book Review by Amy Coffin
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Get Clark Smart: The Ultimate Guide to Getting Rich from America's Money-Saving Expert has achieved Bible-like status in my home. If Clark Howardism was a religion, I'd be at the airport, handing out flowers (purchased at a discount, of course) and preaching the joys of this book. For now, I'll just concentrate on a glowing review:

Clark Howard is best known for his nationally syndicated radio show. The audience phones in to discuss their personal experiences and financial woes. Howard provides practical advice from which the caller and the audience can benefit.

The show's subject matter is made of situations people face everyday. To the benefit of his loyal audience and the general public, Howard has compiled tons of valuable tips from his radio show into a handy book.

Get Clark Smart is divided into eight chapters:

Real Estate
The Basics

Each of these sections is broken down into several useful topics. For example, "Cars" covers buying, leasing, repairs, recalls, accidents and more. At the end of each chapter, the main points are highlighted for quick reference. Further contact information is also provided including web site addresses.

This is not a "get rich quick" book. The real key to saving money and building wealth is maintaining financial discipline. The advice in Get Clark Smart assists readers in doing just that.

Howard's advice is helpful because he presents the basics using simple language to which ordinary readers can relate. When further examples are necessary, Howard draws on his family's experiences to illustrate his points. He relates to his audience so well that anybody regardless of financial background will find value in this book.

This is a wonderful reference tool. Sadly, it lacks an index but the layout is easy to read. Pertinent information shouldn't be too hard to find.

Get Clark Smart makes a fantastic gift. Friends and family can benefit from Howard's practical advice. Impossible-to-buy-for graduates would probably learn more about REAL life from this book than they will have in four years of college. It's a present to think about when commencement season rolls around again.

I love my copy of Get Clark Smart and I don't plan on sharing it. The information contained within is just too valuable to be trusted in a borrower's hands. Therefore, my family should look forward to receiving their own copies of this absolutely, positively, definite must-read guide.

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