by Staci Stallings
Book Review by Amy Coffin
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When Aaron Foster meets his new roommate, Drew Easton, the two become fast friends. Imagine Aaron's shock when he's introduced to Drew's new girlfriend, Mandy. Aaron's ex-fiancé is now dating his roommate.

Aaron likes Drew and believes he's making a big mistake falling for Mandy. He voices his opinion to his best friend and co-worker, Harmony Jordan. Aaron is so busy focusing on his feelings for Mandy that he doesn't realize Harmony is in love with him.

In an attempt to break up Drew and Mandy, Aaron devises a plan in which Harmony reluctantly agrees to participate. After a quick makeover, Harmony will accidentally meet Drew, who in turn will ask her out on a date. If all goes according to plan, Mandy will be out of the picture.

The plan progresses better than expected when Harmony finds she cares for Drew. Aaron them realizes he's in love with Harmony, but it's too late to tell her. He must now sit back and, once again, watch the girl of his dreams date his roommate.

Eternity follows this little love triangle as the characters determine their feelings for each other. Author Staci Stallings's placement of Aaron and Harmony as co-workers adds drama to the plot.

As is the case with The Long Way Home, the author provides minimal description of the setting and characters, making it hard for readers to get a visual image of the characters and their surroundings. A few introductory paragraphs providing background information and physical characteristics would assist in painting a clearer picture of the players at hand.

This lack of perspective makes Aaron, Harmony and Drew appear two-dimensional in the first half of the book. Aaron acts much younger than his stated 29 years of age and his presentation as a broken-hearted soul isn't convincing. Harmony also has some closet skeletons that are distractions instead of being well-developed side plots.

The complex love triangle makes for interesting drama. As the emotions increase in strength, the characters become more human. It is at this point that readers should begin to root for Harmony and Aaron to get together as a couple.

Eternity is one of the few stories I have read in which the lead characters don't hop in the sack soon after meeting. In fact, Harmony's elective celibacy is a nice change of pace from the standard romance novels. Stallings is a pioneer in the inspirational romance genre. I hope the trend catches on with other writers.

Hopeless romantics of all ages should enjoy Eternity, especially the stronger second half of the book. It's a pleasure to read a story that focuses on ROMANCE and HAPPINESS without relying on gratuitous, unnecessary sex scenes on every other page. Stallings gets to the heart of romance with her inspirational tales.

For another story in which the lead female takes a stand, try The Long Way Home, also by Staci Stallings.
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