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Edwin of the Iron Shoes
by Marcia Muller
Book Review by Amy Coffin
There’s been a murder on Salem Street. Joan Albritton was killed in her antique shop. Legal staff investigator Sharon McCone is called to the shop to catalog inventory for Joan’s estate. The simple task turns dangerous when the killer returns to the scene of the crime. Sharon’s simple inquiry turns into a murder investigation.

Suspects in Joan’s death included fellow Salem shop owners and antique dealers. A stubborn police sergeant complicates Sharon’s inquiries. Can she solve a murder witnessed only by the antique store mannequins?

Edwin of the Iron Shoes is the first installment in the Sharon McCone series. The book is named after a small wooden boy who stood guard in Joan’s shop. Author Marcia Muller has penned a fast-paced whodunnit set off San Francisco’s beaten path. Several unique suspects are introduced amid a world of antiques that add interest to the plot.

This novel is quite timeless, yet the occasional fashion references are reminders that the story was written in the 1970’s. Sharon McCone has had many literary adventures since this first investigation. Edwin of the Iron Shoes provides a fine introduction to the McCone series and the work of Marcia Muller.


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