by Bill Cosby
Book Review by Amy Coffin
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Cosbyology is compiled of many little essays based on the thoughts and observations of Bill Cosby. Though the "Doctor of Comedy" is best known for his humor, the author shows a portion of his philosophical side in this work.

When comedians write books, they are mostly filled with bits of their stage acts. Cosbyology does have its share of amusement, but the author shares a part of his life as well in these short and sweet pieces.

Essay titles like "The Day I Found Out How the Projects Were Built," and "How You Can Chip Your Teeth and Pull a Ligament" give readers an idea of the author's comedic genius. Cos shows us the "three levels of begging" directed toward his parents when he was the tender age of six. Also notable, though quite gross, is the story of a battle with a facial ingrown hair.

Cosby spends a great deal of time discussing his educational aspirations, or lack thereof. He was a high school dropout who joined the Navy and eventually found his was back to school. It would be very easy to play the "rags to riches" angle, but Cos has the grace and talent to tell his story with humor and wisdom. He can teach lessons with laughs, and that's the best way to learn.

The "Doctor of Comedy" has written several bestsellers of several topics. His children are lucky enough to escape scrutiny in this effort, but his wife, parents and friends are fair game.

Cosby devotes his essays to amusing observations in life in general. There is no set subject. Topics bounce from skiing to geometry to the Lone Ranger with each essay providing a smile and a point of contemplation.

Cosbyology has only a few laugh-out-loud moments, but I wore a big grin the whole time I was reading the book. It's a short work that could be read in a single day or consumed in small portions over a period of time, like a little treat.

The title of the book can be defined as the study of life through the eyes of Bill Cosby. As an accomplished actor, writer and scholar, it is clear that Bill Cosby is a wise man. Readers will benefit from his knowledge on a variety of topics as well as his gift of humor. This man's unique, amusing perspective on life shines in Cosbyology.