Clark's Big Book of Bargains
by Clark Howard and Mark Meltzer
Book Review by Amy Coffin
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I regularly listen to Clark Howard's nationally syndicated radio show via the Internet. He's a wonderful consumer advocate whose knowledge enables people to save money and make smart financial decisions.

In 2002, Howard co-authored Get Clark Smart with Mark Meltzer. Their book was a top pick of that year. In 2003, the pair is back with Clark's Big Book of Bargains.

This book has eight chapters, each covering a major category of family purchases including food, leisure, electronics and cars. Ways to save money and waste money are illustrated. Important points are listed at the end of each chapter and a complete index of web sites mentioned is found at the back of the book.

Fans of Clark Howard know he's naturally frugal, though far from a tightwad. Clark's Big Book of Bargains shows readers how to get the best deal on purchases they make, though there isn't any financial advice within this book. The authors can show you how to save on a home theater, but you'll have to decide if it's within your budget.

Loyal listeners of the Clark Howard will be familiar with much of the information in this book. Certain bits were mentioned in Get Clark Smart, but the majority of the bargains are new. Certain stores Howard mentions are specific to his region (Atlanta) so not all readers will be able to take advantage of his great deals.

Clark's Big Book of Bargains is a bargain itself with a $14.95 cover price. However, anyone knows Clark Howard knows where and how you can get it for less. This book is an absolute must-read for anyone who wants to save money.