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Back in Black
by Zoey Dean
Book Review by Amy Coffin
Back in Black is the fifth installment of Zoey Dean’s A-List series. The Beverly Hills High School senior trip to Washington D.C. has arrived. However, the richest, most popular kids ditch that plan and head to Las Vegas for their own class function.

The usual suspects from the past four books board the private jet bound for McCarran International Airport and take center stage in this tale as well. For series virgins, Dean provides some good background information on the histories and past hook-ups between the cast members.

For those in the know: Cammie still hates Anna. Adam still likes Cammie. Anna is thinking about Ben. Sam is thinking about how fat she is. Dee is crazy. Parker just tries to fit in, which means a lot of acting fake and indifferent. Anna gets a surprise visit and many pages devoted to her storyline.

Back in Black focuses mostly on the Vegas trip, which evolves a lot like real jaunts to Sin City: anticipation, arrival, drinking, fighting, let-downs, hangovers and leaving earlier than planned. Beverly Hills’ most popular seniors are so into themselves that they forgot to have a good time. Fortunately, Dean plants a hint of a happy ending and several cliffhangers that hopefully leads to more excitement in the next series’ installment.

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