As Always, Jack
by Emma Sweeney
Book Review by Amy Coffin
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Emma Sweeney never knew her father, Jack Sweeney. His navy plane went down before she was born in 1956. She found a picture of him when she was ten years old and created a man to fit the face. When her mother eventually passed away, Emma found the letters Jack wrote to "Beebe" when they were dating. They met for the first time less than two weeks before Jack was sent overseas in January 1946. Their brief time together was enough to start a romance and they fell in love through their letters. Emma Sweeney has compiled the 45 individual treasures Jack sent to his future bride for all to read in As Always, Jack.

This sentimental memoir invites readers to experience the power of the heartfelt letter. Jack's words are funny and touching. It's easy to see why Beebe found him so charming.

As Always, Jack is divided into three parts. Emma provides and introduction to her parents and explains how she acquired the letters in Part One. The second section contains 44 of the 45 letters Jack wrote to his future bride. Part Three includes another brief description of events by Emma. The 45th and most heartbreaking letter concludes the compilation.

This book is short on pages but long on tears. Readers may want to have a tissue or two handy, because the overwhelming love Jack feels for Beebe and his family is bound to make your eyes water.

As Always, Jack is not a sad memoir, just a gentle one that will touch your heart and leave an emotional impression on your mind.

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