Around the World
in a Bad Mood
by Rene Foss
Book Review by Amy Coffin
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Rene Foss has been a flight attendant for over 15 years. No two trips are the same and the experience has provided quite an education. In an attempt to stay sane, as well as pursue her dream of acting, Foss wrote and produced a play based on trials and tribulations of her chosen profession. From the show titled Around the World in a Bad Mood comes this book with the same title.

The author begins her story with show business dreams. Drilled with her father's insistence that she needs a real job, Foss successfully completes the flight attendant training program to become an employee of a national company she refers to as "We Apologize for the Inconvenience" Airlines (WAFTI).

No facet of this oh-so-glamorous job escapes scrutiny. Foss has something to say about schedules, roommates, and co-workers. Even poor defenseless passengers can't escape the wrath of the funny flight attendant.

The chapter titles themselves are quite humorous. Do You Have a Place to Stow My Cheesecake?, Melrose Place? and Boarding: A Shakespearean Tragedy give a glimpse of the topics covered.

Though Around the World in a Bad Mood can be found in the humor section, a significant portion of the book is autobiographical. Foss milks a great deal of material from her roommate experiences in New York City. And though the main goal of the book is laughs, readers also get an informative glimpse in the life of a flight attendant.

Foss claims to be from middle America, but she can rant like a city girl born and bred. The author has a bone to pick with just about every passenger that has flown her friendly skies. Though she's the one working in a service industry, Foss has plenty of tips on how to make her job easier.

Around the World in a Bad Mood is good for some laughs, but I bet the stage production is even funnier. The book has a little bit of everything: autobiography, flight attendant information, imaginary scenes and many laughs. You'll never view airline travel the same again.