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The A-List
By Zoey Dean
Book Review By Amy Coffin
On her New Year's Eve flight to LA, Anna meets gorgeous Ben Birnbaum, home from Princeton to attend a wedding. Anna and Ben hit it off with a steamy scene in the airplane lavatory. She then agrees to be his date at the wedding.

The ceremony turns out to be for one of the biggest couples in Hollywood. When Ben walks in with Anna on his arm, a trio of elite Beverly Hills girls takes their jealousy out on the New York newcomer. Seems each girl also has a crush on Ben and catty banter ensues during the exclusive reception. Just hours after arriving in Los Angeles, Anna finds herself mingling with The A-List.

Zoey Dean's paperback original follows young but wise Anna through her first full day in Beverly Hills. The story is similar in superficial plot as Cecily von Ziegesar's popular Gossip Girl series. Each book has a set of pretty, rich, bored teens. Only the coast differs.

The A-List is not the Sweet Valley High series I knew back in the day, but isn't the most racy teen read out there either. Look for some drinking, marijuana use and a couple heavy making out sessions if you're a concerned parent.

There's not much build-up toward the end of The A-List. Von Ziegesar does a better job creating a teen soap opera setting. Still, Dean's cast could get interesting in further installments. For a little weekend escape, you may want to add The A-List to your reading list.

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