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Seriously, it's that bad.
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"O" is for Outlaw
Obstruction of Justice
On a Night Like This
One for the Money
Over Her Dead Body
"P" is for Peril
Painted House (A)
Peace Like a River
Pigs in Heaven
Pilot's Wife (The)
Poisonwood Bible (The)
Pop Goes the Weasel
Portable Promised Land (The)
Portrait of Victorine
Postcards from Berlin
Postcards from the Edge
Presumption of Death
Prayer at Rumayla
Prodigal Summer
Puzzle Bark Tree (The)
"Q" is for Quarry
Quality of Life Report (The)
Quilter's Apprentice (The)
Quilter's Legacy (The)
"R" is for Ricochet
Reader (The)
River, Cross My Heart
Roses Are Red
Round Robin
Rules of Prey
Rush Home Road
Have You Heard
About These Books?
Twin Cities police lieutenant Lucas Davenport is after a horrendous killer who calls himself "maddog." Rules of Prey is the first novel in Sandford's series.
The Reader, translated from German is one of the most popular reviews on this page. Oprah raved about the book but I thought it was cold and distant. To each her own.
"M" is for Malice
Mahogany Row
Map of the World (A)
Marriage: a Duet
Master Quilter (The)
McNally's Dare
McNally's Dilemma
Mermaid Chair (The)
Metro Girl
Men and Other Mammals
Midnight Club (The)
Millionaires (The)
Miracles of Santo Fico (The)
Miriam the Medium
Miss Corpus
Money for Nothing
Morality for Beautiful Girls
Mortal Allies
Most Wanted
Mother of Pearl
Motion to Suppress
Mourning Glory
Move to Strike
Mumbo Gumbo
Murder in the Hearse Degree
Murder on the Canterbury
My Life with Corpses
Narrows (The)
Nights in Rodanthe
No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency
Nobody Does It Better
Nora, Nora
Notebook (The)
Nothing Can Keep Us Together