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The 5th Horseman is the fifth installment in the bestselling Women's Murder Club series.
Nicholas Sparks' At First Sight continues the love saga of Jeremy and Lexie. Fans will love this guaranteed bestseller. Be sure to have some tissues handy.

Frangipani: Materena and Leilani clash and bond just like all mothers and daughters do in this charming Tahitian tale. 
Nothing Can Keep Us Together: the eighth Gossip Girl book follows the crew through graduation. What happens next?

The Mermaid Chair takes place on a Carolina barrier island and is reminiscent of Anne Rivers Siddons work.

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The Wave:
Errol is terrorized by crank calls from a local cemetery. His investigation leads to an encounter with a young man claiming to be Errol's dead father. Skeptical but drawn to the possibility Errol discovers this man's origin and events that are not of this Earth. Versatile Mosley takes a break from Easy Rawlins to pen this quick sci-fi thriller.

Prep is Curtis Sittenfeld's debut novel about boarding school life. Lee Fiorna narrates the tale, looking back on her years as a scholarship student at the prestigious Ault school in Massachusetts. Lee enters Ault as an outcast from Indiana and leaves learning a little bit more about herself. The typical boarding school stereotypes are here, but they seem more natural and less forced under Sittenfeld's talented hand.
Catch Me When I Fall
Is someone behind the assumed self-destruction of Holly? Find out in this thriller.